Summary of CySEC's Circular C590

Memo #44-2023
CySEC Circular No: C590
Date: 24/07/2023

Subject: Further guidance regarding prudential and remuneration reporting of CIFs via CySEC’s XBRL portal
Purpose: To provide further guidance regarding the prudential reporting of Article 54 of IFR and regarding the remuneration practices reporting.

In Summary:

CySEC has issued the Circular C590 on 21/07/2023 to provide the Cyprus Investment Firms (‘CIFs’) with further guidance regarding the reporting via CySEC’s XBRL portal of prudential reporting of Article 54 of IFR and of remuneration practices, gender pay gap and high earners submissions.

This Circular includes guidance for the submission of the above reporting requirements.

CySEC notes that all CIFs should submit their prudential reporting of Article 54 of IFR, from the quarterly reporting of September 2023 through CySEC’s XBRL portal only.

This Circular is issued following the Circular C546 and Circular C576.

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