Subject:G.P. Global Ltd organised and presented the Risk based Anti-Money Laundering Seminar
AML Seminar organised and presented by G.P. Global Ltd

G.P. Global Ltd organised the seminar titled “Risk based Anti-Money Laundering” on November 17th 2017 in Limassol. 

The seminar attended by a great number of participants from different organisations like Cyprus Investment Firms, Administrative Service providers, Funds, Law Firms and Accounting Firms.

The objective of the seminar was to assist participants to familiarize themselves with the Risk based Anti-Money Laundering. 

Mr. George Papanicolaou was the instructor of the seminar and presented many aspects related to the  Risk based Anti-Money Laundering. 

Topics covered in the seminar among others were:

  • The areas of the RBA (risk identification and assessment, risk mitigation, risk monitoring, documentation);
  • The role of senior Management in ensuring that AML/CFT controls work effectively;
  • The role of Money Laundering Compliance Officer (MLCO) in overseeing AML systems and controls;
  • The scope and aspects of the role of an effective MLCO;
  • The MLCO role in money laundering risk assessment;
  • Warning signs that may suggest a heightened risk of ML or TF;
  • How to assess risks & apply a risk-based approach;
  • What risks need to be addressed;
  • How to assess risk;
  • The Elements of an Effective RBA;
  • The Interrelation of Risk factors;
  • The benefits of the RBA;
  • The Basis of a Reasonably Designed Risk Based Approach;
  • A Risk Based AML program;
  • Assessing Risk and Developing a Risk-Scoring Model.

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