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Memo #29-2024
CySEC Circular No: C644
Date: 12/06/2024

Subject: Introduction of CySEC’s Form 165-05 “Prudential Consolidation information”   
Purpose: To inform CIFs for the introduction of Form 165-05 that should be submitted annually to CySEC.

In Summary:

CySEC has issued the Circular C644 on 12/06/2024 to inform the Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) that are subject to prudential consolidation by CySEC, for the introduction of the Form 165-05.

The scope of Form 165-05 is for the collection of information from entities within investment firm groups that are subject to prudential consolidation by CySEC. The data to be collected will facilitate CySEC in adhering to the requirements set in forth in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2023/1118 supplementing Directive (EU) 2019/2034.

The Form 165-05 is addressed to all CIFs falling under the definition of an investment firm group as outlined in Article 4(1)(25) of IFR and subject to prudential consolidation by CySEC under Articles 7 or 8 of the IFR.  

CySEC further informs that CIFs are required to submit Form 165-05 annually to CySEC via the Transaction Reporting System (‘TRS’) by 31st May each year. Details regarding its submission are provided within the ‘Instructions’ sheet of Form 165-05.

For the year ending 31/12/2023, CySEC informs that CIFs should submit Form 165-05 via TRS by 30/06/2024, specifically between 25-30/06/2024.

The Form can be found under section “Forms” on the following link:   

Read the CySEC Circular C644

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